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Rockford Teeth Cleaning

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Maintain Your Smile is committed to helping you maintain your healthy smile with a routine teeth cleaning. Brushing and flossing at home are not enough, you need a dentist teeth cleaning to assure proper care and health of your teeth and gums. If you need a dental cleaning, we provide a reasonable dental cleaning cost at Maintain Your Smile in Rockford. During the examination, our dentist will determine what type of prophylaxis is recommended for you. We also provide dental deep cleaning for patients who require periodontal care.

Rockford Dentist Teeth Cleaning

Rockford, Illinois was settled in the 1830’s and played a role in the industrial development because of its location on the Rock River. Rockford offers plenty of cultural opportunities for tourists and the 152,871 residents who call the community home. You can be sure you will receive excellent teeth cleaning at an affordable dental cleaning cost from Maintain Your Smile. Between our hygienist and dentist teeth cleaning you will have the best preventative oral healthcare. A dental cleaning or dental deep cleaning from Maintain Your Smile will benefit your overall health.

Rockford Dental Cleaning

Our dentist provides patients with preventative teeth cleaning in a safe environment. Maintain Your Smile offers skilled dental hygienists to carry out your dental cleaning which is followed up by a dentist’s teeth cleaning exam. If you would like to know the dental cleaning cost, we will discuss that with you at your consultation appointment at Maintain Your Smile. In some cases, a dental deep cleaning is required which is a non-surgical procedure that is also known as scaling and root planning. Please call (815) 398-3879 to schedule your Free Consultation with one of our dentists!

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