Rockford Jaw Pain

Rockford Jaw Pain

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If you are experiencing persistent jaw pain or a sore jaw that comes and goes Maintain Your Smile is here to diagnose the cause. A clicking jaw can be a symptom of a jaw joint pain problem. Maintain Your Smile knows that there are many reasons that can contribute to a jaw ache some of which can be more severe than others. Don’t settle for pain or discomfort when our dentist can find a custom treatment plan that provides relief. Many of our Rockford patients have found significant pain relief through our methods of treating jaw pain.

Rockford Sore Jaw

Rockford is home to many popular cultural attractions like Anderson Japanese Gardens and Burpee Museum of Natural History. Rockford, Illinois is nicknamed, “Forest City,” and has a population that exceeds 152,800. Many times, missing teeth can cause malalignment which can contribute to jaw pain or a sore jaw. If you have suffered an injury to your face, you may notice a clicking jaw sound accompanied by jaw ache. Maintain Your Smile offers therapies and appliances that can help with jaw joint pain.

Rockford Clicking Jaw

Although you may have healthy teeth often times we find that patients still can experience with jaw pain or a clicking jaw. If you have trouble with a sore jaw or jaw ache then contact Maintain Your Smile to set up a Free Consultation. Maintain Your Smile wants you to experience for yourself the specialized care we provide to make sure each patient has a customized treatment plan. If you are looking for a reliable, gentle and comforting dentist who has a state-of-the-art dental office call (815) 398-3879 to schedule today.

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