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Are you looking for a way to straighten your teeth without all of the metal brackets? If so Maintain Your Smile Dental offers a solution through the use of Invisalign. With the current shift towards the cosmetic appeal, invisible braces have become quite popular and just as effective in many cases at giving you excellent results. If you want straight teeth or you have had movement of teeth after the removal of previous braces then set up a consultation with Maintain Your Smile Dental to discuss clear braces and the Invisalign cost. You may be surprised to find out that our Invisalign price is comparable to traditional braces. Many of our Rockford patients appreciate the service and expertise they have received at Maintain Your Smile Dental.

Rockford Invisalign Cost

Maintain Your Smile Dental is here to help patients achieve their dream smile through the option of Invisalign. Rockford is positioned 85 miles northwest of Chicago and lies in Winnebago County with a population of 152,871. Rockford is the 3rd largest city in Illinois and known for the Anderson Japanese Gardens and has a motto that reads “The Government Closet to the People.” We will go over the Invisalign cost at your initial consultation. To see if you’re a candidate for invisible braces, we will have to do a thorough assessment. Our goal is to make sure we give you the best results possible, and if clear braces are what you want, then we do our best to accommodate you. You will leave the consultation with a complete breakdown of the Invisalign price.

Rockford Invisalign Price

Maintain Your Smile Dental is happy to help you get straight teeth with Invisalign. We are professionals that have the privilege of seeing the amazing results that clear braces offer patients. No matter how old you are invisible braces are a great way to straighten your teeth without having to look at the wires and metal brackets. When you meet our dentist, you will be able to ask any questions you have, and we will make sure to go over the Invisalign cost. Maintain Your Smile Dental knows that it’s essential to address the Invisalign price, but we can assure you that our patients agree the results are worth every penny. We are always welcoming new patients and invite you to call us today at (815) 398-3879 and set up an initial consultation.

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