Rockford Broken Teeth

Rockford Broken Teeth

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Are you struggling with broken teeth or chipped teeth? If so, Maintain Your Smile provides a highly trusted and skilled dentist who will address your concerns. Whether you have broken a tooth from an accident related to sports or work or just aging teeth, we offer a variety of treatments that can restore a broken tooth depending on the severity. If you are experiencing pain in a tooth when biting you may be dealing with a cracked tooth. Join the many Rockford residents who receive quality dental care at Maintain Your Smile.

Rockford Broken Tooth

Broken teeth can cause temperature sensitivity and be a source of irritation to the tongue. Maintain Your Smile offers patients a comfortable setting to address dental concerns. Rockford is a large metropolitan area but doesn’t have any 4-year universities, the nearest one is 45 miles away. Rockford is nicknamed “Forest City,” and has a population of 152, 871. Maintain Your Smile has two locations that are opened at convenient hours for patients. Don’t tolerate a broken tooth or cracked tooth when relief is just a call away.

Rockford Cracked Tooth

Don’t let broken teeth become a bigger problem, contact Maintain Your Smile to schedule a Free consultation. We do offer a variety of restorative options to repair a broken tooth. Ignoring a cracked tooth can lead to more significant problems down the road. At Maintain Your Smile our goal is to help you maintain your health and smile through quality dental care. Contact our office today by calling (815) 398-3879 and experience for yourself our professional and caring treatment.

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