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Have you recently cracked or broken a tooth? If so, Maintain Your Smile is here to help restore your tooth using a tooth crown. Crowns are a great way to protect your tooth and restore chewing surfaces. Dental crowns come in a variety of materials, but you can be sure that the dentist will discuss your crown procedure options. Here at Maintain Your Smile, we welcome Rochelle residents to come in to discuss teeth crowns, and you can ask any questions you might have. Let our team of professionals offer you the best in dental health care. With years of wear or extensive treatments such as root canals, it can take a toll on our teeth. In these cases, crowns can be the best way to restore and protect a tooth.

Rochelle Dental Crowns

Maintain Your Smile understands that as we age our teeth also age which can break down large fillings that may be placed in earlier years. If you’re considering dental crowns near Rochelle, we recommend setting up an appointment at Maintain Your Smile. Rochelle, Illinois is a city found in Ogle County with a population of just over 9,000 residents with the nickname ‘The Hub City.’ This fantastic city offers activities for individuals and families and is located 80 miles west of Chicago. A crown procedure has two visits. Initially, we prepare the damaged tooth and take an impression, then around two weeks later, you come in to receive your tooth crown. Most teeth crowns last 10-15 years but if maintained properly they can last much longer.

Rochelle Crown Procedure

Even if you want to add strength to front teeth that may be chipping or fractured Maintain Your Smile can evaluate if crowns are a good option for you. Dental crowns can effectively restore chewing along with allowing the dentist to get rid of any decay that may be present. A crown procedure is used if the root of the tooth is healthy, but the surface of the tooth is damaged. A tooth crown is noninvasive and covered by most insurances. Maintain Your Smile is ready to help you fix one tooth or if you need multiple teeth crowns, we can accommodate you. Call today to schedule a Free Consultation at (815) 398-3879.

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