Our Sterilization Procedure

Our Sterilization Procedure

With so many scary diseases and infections in our world today, we want to make sure our patients know that our office is safe and follows strict procedures in this area.

We use a huge variety of different tools and instruments for our dental treatment on a daily basis. All of our instruments that are used are either heat sterilized or thrown away after they have been used with a patient. No liquid or cold sterilization is used because we don’t feel it sterilizes adequately.

After the dental instruments are used, they are placed in an ultrasonic cleaning unit, which removes all debris using mechanical and chemical actions to clean. They are then placed in special sterilization pouches, sealed and placed in an autoclave. In the autoclave, the instrument pouches are heated to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 221 PSI is obtained. This essentially “steam cleans” everything until it is sterile. The special pouches even have color coded indicators on them so we can confirm that the contents have been sterilized completely. The instruments are left stored safe and sterile in the pouch until the patient arrives for their treatment.

Our sterilization equipment is also tested on a weekly basis using an outside biological monitoring company that checks to ensure the equipment is working properly. Those weekly test results are then kept on file at our office.

Our patients and our own health is very important to us! We are prepared and trained to follow every protocol to ensure safety for our staff and our patients. If you ever have any questions about our sterilization process, please contact us!