Keeping Up with Project Smile

Keeping Up with Project Smile
Keeping Up with Project Smile

Now that Project Smile has been up and running for a few weeks, we wanted to keep everyone updated on the campaign’s progress!

On March 25th some of our girls and their families volunteered at Rockford’s Meltfest event. They were greeters at Prairie Street Brewhouse and handed out smile cards to people just getting to the event. Although the weather wasn’t great, our girls had fun handing out the cards and the event was a success!

This Friday, April 7th Heidi will be with 97.5ZOK for their Corporate Take-over to talk about Project Smile. This is the first time we’ve been on the air, so be sure to tune in!

Also, we wanted to share some ideas on how to share the smile cards once you’ve gotten one. Here are some that we’ve tried out:

  • Leave one for your waiter/waitress the next time you’re out to eat.
  • Pay it forward: leave a card for the person behind you in the drive-thru line during your morning coffee run; maybe offer to pay for their order as well!
  • Give the cashier at the drive-thru a smile card.
  • Visit the gym? Leave a smile card in the locker for the next person that goes to use it.
  • Pass it along to someone at a grocery store who looks like they could use a smile.
  • Give one to a co-worker.
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while, and include a smile card in the envelope.
  • If you have children, send a card with them to school to give one to their teacher.
  • Have multiple smile cards? Hand them out to friends for them to share with people!


Project Smile is something we’re very excited and passionate about! Please continue helping us out with our goal of Making Rockford Smile Again.