Introducing Project Smile

Introducing Project Smile
Introducing Project Smile

Project Smile is our initiative to get Rockford smiling again. All too often, the news and stories we hear throughout the city are not smile-worthy. Smiling has scientifically proven health benefits, such as decreasing stress levels and lifting moods, and it’s so easy.

Our goal is to encourage people to smile and keep that smile going by sharing it with others.

We’ve created “smile cards,” which are business-sized cards with images and quotes about smiling; the back of the card encourages people to share a smile by giving it to a stranger as a random act of kindness. We want the cards to get into as many hands and create as many smiles as possible!

We’ll also be posting images to our Facebook and Instagram pages that can be shared, “liked” and people can tag friends with whom they want to share a smile. People are encouraged to create their own photos and quotes as well, and using #ProjectSmile815 and #MakeRockfordSmileAgain.

This is our initiative, but we need EVERYONE to participate for this to work! Even if you don’t have a smile card, you can smile at someone walking by at the store. The chances to share a smile are endless and simple.

Please help us to Make Rockford Smile Again!