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Maintain Your Smile is a family dental practice that offers the best in oral health care using cutting edge technology in our state-of-the-art practice. We offer a variety of crowns for Freeport area residents that can be used for serval reasons. Teeth crowns can help with the protection and aesthetic appeal of your smile. Dental crowns require a two-part crown procedure. The first appointment at Maintain Your Smile will be for an impression, and the second visit will be for the placement of a customized tooth crown.

Freeport Dental Crowns

The team at Maintain Your Smile will educate you on the process of a crown procedure and how to properly care for your tooth crown. If you’re searching in the Freeport area for a trusted dental practice who offers affordable crowns, then contact Maintain Your Smile. Freeport is known for hosting the Lincoln-Douglas debate of 1855 and has a thriving population of 25,638. Many in Freeport, Illinois, consider Maintain Your Smile to be the preferred office for dental crowns. If you’re interested in multiple teeth crowns, give us a call.

Freeport Crown Procdeure

Maintain Your Smile dentists are experts at shaping teeth and removing broken fillings before the preparation of the impression of dental crowns. Crowns can last 10-15 years typically and longer if they are correctly maintained. If you have any questions about our crown procedure, feel free to contact Maintain Your Smile to schedule a tooth crown consultation. If you are looking for the best in advanced teeth crowns, contact our office today!

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