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Maintain Your Smile is a reputable dental practice that offers a range of dental services that include preventative, restorative and cosmetic procedures including braces. We offer braces for teeth that are misaligned at any age. We provide individuals and families the smiles they want with reasonable costs for kids braces. Maintain Your Smile makes your best smile our priority, and many DeKalb patients value our high standard of care.

DeKalb Braces For Teeth

Wearing braces for a short time gives you the opportunity to have a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Maintain Your Smile evaluates your need for braces for teeth along with any other dental needs you may have. DeKalb, is a northern Illinois city that is known for its Egyptian Theatre and nicknamed “Barb City.” DeKalb is a diverse community with 43,862 residents. Get your children the smile their proud of by getting kids braces at Maintain Your Smile.

DeKalb Kids Braces

Maintain Your Smile wants to offer you a FREE consultation for quality braces from a highly trained and professional dental team. When you need braces for teeth you can count on our staff can provide a convenient appointment time to discuss options for adult and kids braces. Call Maintain Your Smile’s friendly staff at (815) 398-3879 to schedule today, it’s the perfect time to get your best smile with braces!

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