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Would you like to straighten your teeth but don’t want to see metal brackets? If so Maintain Your Smile Dental is happy to offer you the option of Invisalign. The cosmetic appeal is in high demand these days, and invisible braces are effective at moving teeth while maintaining a more desirable look. We encourage you to set up a consultation with Maintain Your Smile Dental to discuss clear braces, during this appointment we will also make you aware of the Invisalign cost. Our Invisalign price is reasonable, and many of our Belvidere patients value our professional options and quality service at Maintain Your Smile Dental. Invisible braces are a great way to straighten your teeth at any age without having to see the wires.

Belvidere Invisalign Cost

Maintain Your Smile Dental provides a highly trained dentist who gives patients their dream smiles with Invisalign. Belvidere is a beautiful all American town and the county seat of Boone County. The city has earned the nickname, ‘City of Murals’ and has a population of 25,585. Belvidere has several National Registered Historic places including Pettit Memorial Chapel and the Belvidere post office. The Invisalign cost is given at your initial consultation once we determine if you’re a candidate for invisible braces. Our goal is to make sure we give you the best results possible, and if clear braces can obtain those results, then we will proceed. Once we determine if Invisalign is best for you then you will be given a complete breakdown of the Invisalign price.

Belvidere Invisalign Price

Maintain Your Smile Dental is excited to provide straight teeth with Invisalign. It’s amazing what technology allows us to do as a dentist. This cutting-edge method offers many patients with incredible results through clear braces. When you meet Dr. Stern you will be able to ask any questions, at that time we will also go over the Invisalign cost. Maintain Your Smile Dental understands that investments made today can carry benefits way into the future. The Invisalign price is an investment in your overall health, not just a cosmetic fix. Your mouth is the gateway to your entire body, so it needs to function well and to look great is an added benefit! We invite you to call us today at (815) 398-3879 and set up an initial consultation.

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